Our warehouse is fully equipped with sprinklers and fire hydrant systems to prevent fire incidents. All the racks also have sprinklers installed and maintained periodically.

Our warehouse internal storage area is raised 6ft above the ground. As such, we are fully protected up to 6ft of flood. 

TAMADAM has adequate insurance coverage to protect the cargo in our warehouse against fire, damages, and theft.  

Our warehouse is under CCTV surveillance and is guarded security personnel 24 hrs a day.

We accept containers 24 hours a day. However, stuffing and unstuffing of containers will only be performed during office hours. If there is a special request to stuff/unstuff containers out of office hours, we can accommodate it, with additional charges. 

We provide palletizing, repalletizing and shrink wrapping services upon requests from clients. Unwrapped cargo that has the risk of falling during movements will be shrink wrapped for safety purposes and will be charged back to the client. 

It depends on the size and weight of the cargo. In the event the cargo is too big or too heavy for our forklifts to handle, we will propose hiring the necessary equipments, at clients cost, to handle such oversized cargo. 

Yes. We have a large open yard area, where we already have several heavy machineries stored, such as excavators, oil rig machines, bonded vehicles, etc.

We have a forwarding team well experienced in handling all forwarding requests, including dealing with customs on bonded cargo. 

Yes, we provide transshipment of containers. Our staff are well experienced in handling transshipment requests. 

We do not yet have a container stacking equipment, and as such, we are only able to provide container staging for a limited number of containers.